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Outfox Joins Extra Life 2017

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We are excited to announce the Outfox team signed up to participate in Extra Life 2017. Playing games to raise money for sick kids? It doesn't get better than that!

How Can You Participate?

Join Our Team - Everyone is welcome to join as a member of the Outfox Extra Life team. As a team member, you will set your own fundraising goal, play games for the marathon and earn donations to help us meet our team goal. Just visit our page and click "Join Our Team" to sign up.

Support Our Team - Helping us meet our $2,000 fundraising goal is super easy! Just visit our page, click "Donate" and choose a team member to support. Every little bit helps, and all donations go directly to Dell Children's Hospital. As an added bonus, Golden Frog will be matching donations given to the Outfox team between now and game day! 

Game Day on Twitch - November 3 will be our 24-hour gaming marathon. Our team members will be celebrating by playing video games, board games and having an epic overnight LAN party in our offices. Tune in to our live Twitch stream starting at 9AM CST and cheer on the team throughout the day and night.


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