When do new games get added?

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So i see mainly the games added are competitive/popular but what about games like gta v, destiny 2 etc which use P2P networking where this could actually help more there to, i probably would use this program to test many of the games i play but it seems there are not many and not sure how fast you guys are at adding new games.


Do you have any plans soon to add custom games like wtfast and others so we can use any game that you do not support? 


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@valiantvip3r We're looking into custom games for the future. We currently are developing a new process for adding games which will allow us to 1) add games we couldn't previously and 2) better support our current games. We will have ongoing game releases and Destiny 2 and GTAV are definitely some targets. Once we have our new connection logic in place, we'll be revisiting some of these titles.

I also wrote a blog post on our game support process and roadmap which you can find here:



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