Outfox 1.1 Update Notes

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  • Updated Tech: We updated our drivers to prevent conflicts with other programs (especially anti-virus) and resolve an issue causing the blue screen of death.
  • Fastest Server Just Got Faster: Outfox now selects the Fastest Server even quicker, getting you into the game faster and eliminating long load times when entering a match for some games.
  • Server Cleanup: To streamline the server selection experience, we bundled some of our locations that had multiple servers into a single selection. When you select a location, we’ll automatically determine and choose the fastest server from all servers available in that location.
  • Need Some Steam Money?: We're guessing that’s a "yes!" Take our quick survey about your experience with Outfox and you could win some Steam cash! What are you waiting for? PS: You can also find a link to the survey in our forum.

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