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Outfox remains connected after game ends


When I start a match in Battlefield 1, Outfox registers that it has started and shows the connection stats. When I end the game though, Outfox still is recording stats as if I was still connected. Even when I connect to a different game server, Outfox is still showing stats for the original connection. How is that even possible?


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The reason for this behavior is two fold:
1) After a first match starts in BF1, a socket is opened and we follow it for the game traffic
2) Outfox (by design) does not change the server that is connected at a per-socket level so as not to cause disruptions to the game connection (ie, disconnections from game server, or disconnections in the game client)

We had good intentions with this behavior, but it seems that it does not give the best user experience for all games. It's definitely not ideal behavior for BF1 to continue to the session after the first match. We've seen it as an issue, and we want to improve that behavior. With that being said, I got some good news, some bad news, and some great news.

Good news: We have an improved version of the BF1 configuration that will make better "first connection" choices (in the next version of the app, which will release soon).
Bad news: Even with the improved version of the BF1 configuration, we are seeing that sessions continue past the first match.
GREAT NEWS: We are working on a configuration that will allow us to terminate idle connections (ie, previous match) and start an independent new connection (ie, new match). 

The behavior you are looking for is still a little ways out (hopefully early next year), but we know that it is the best for the user experience and we will iterate on our game configurations until we get there.

Thank you for your understanding!


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