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Client doesn't get passed the login screen until I reboot my PC



I have a bit of an issue with the outfox Windows client. It worked perfectly the first time I used it. After I was done gaming for the day, I closed the client. The next day, I launched the client. It just sat at the login screen loading. I closed the client again, opened it back up, but the client still never logged in. I rebooted my PC and sure enough, the client launched and logged in right away.

I don't particularly want to reboot my PC every time I want to use Outfox :(


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Hey @lmichael1221!

That's odd, but I've actually seen that before. Where the client is kind of in a perpetual "loading" state. It's pretty uncommon, but I suspect restarting the service may help. Check out step 3 on this help guide: 


Naturally you shouldn't have to reboot your machine each time you want to use Outfox. Let me know if restarting the service works for you next time this occurs.


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