Outfox Beta Status Report 5/19

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Hey Foxes,

It's been about two weeks since we launched Outfox Beta, but that hasn't slowed us down one bit. I'd like to share what the development teams have been up to since the beta launch.

  • New Games: Earlier this week, we released Smite for Outfox. We're doing internal testing for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, and I'm happy to say that things are looking good for PUBG.
    Our on-going goal is to support one new game a week. There has been some great feedback on which games people want Outfox to support, so please continue to share and post in the forum or Discord!
  • New features: Our next major feature will be the graph in the main session screen to show the side-by-side ping comparison. This will be helpful to illustrate the performance over time, as well as showing when the Outfox network may be outperforming the standard connection, even if Fastest Server did not use an Outfox server at the start of the session. We hope that users will use this information to get the most out of the Outfox app.
    Working on that awesome looking graph was a pretty big undertaking, but we are making progress on it and targeting the 1.0 release. 
  • Next minor release: We are prepping a minor release with some UI bug fixes and server location improvements as well.
  • Performance: As we engage more users, we are reviewing our performance metrics for connections improved by the Outfox network, and using this information to target areas for new Outfox servers. The areas that we are targeting are where we may not be performing up to our standard. If you have any areas that you think would benefit from having an Outfox server, please feel free to share!

As always, please share your thoughts on what games or features would make Outfox the best gaming network tool out there.

Outfox Product


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