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Ping issues + feedback


So got a couple of things:

1) is it possible to tracert re-routes taken using outfox to check if latency issues are occurring due to the outfox re-route node or another node. When/if I experience latency spikes/packet loss it'd be much easier to identify if its me or the service.

2) League of legends servers have been moved to chicago but outfox still has them listed as being in LA (small thing but so your aware) 

3) lastly issues with the client tracking in game latency/packet loss. Attached you'll see a clip of what it shows but in reality in game the ping was around 32ms.



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Thanks for your feedback regarding playing League of Legends with Outfox! I understand your concerns and will attempt to further address your feedback.

1. While we currently don't have a feature to expose traceroutes easily within the app, we perform regularly scheduled traceroutes during the connection to develop the network statistics that are shown in the app. If you go to the log file at C:\ProgramData\Golden Frog, GmbH\Outfox\Outfox.log and find the line "Trace results for", you will see the traceroutes that we perform based on the destination game server IP address and the Outfox endpoint IP address.

2. The geolocation that is shown for the game servers is based on how that IP address is registered in geolocation databases (we use Maxmind ). While the actual Riot servers may be physically located in Chicago, Riot has not updated those IP addresses to reflect that. We are looking into possible solutions or overrides in order to address showing the server location accurately, however it does not affect Outfox's ping data or the Outfox server that is chosen.

3. While Outfox may report a different latency then what you see in game, it is always doing a direct comparison of known network information. We don't ever intend to incorrectly report ping data, but there are some factors that prevent us from getting the most realistic in-game ping, as described in this blog post. Getting the ping to reflect very accurately what is shown in the game is on-going work for us.

Thanks again for your feedback! I hope this helps give context to some of the things you are seeing. We are definitely considering options to make Outfox and in-game ping match more closely, and in the future we may make it easy to see traceroutes through the app.



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