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Hi I am using the program with the trial and it works fine except for an error that happens to me sometimes

Sometimes when I open the program I see this alert or in the rainbow six siege when a game ends and is about to start another the game kicks me and the program shows me the same error

If this happens I have to restart my pc, no matter how many times I open or close the program until I restart it I can not reconnect

i dont have any antivirus or other external software that may affect the conection

Any idea of how to fix it? (i reinstalled my windows and the problem persists)



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Hey rkzz_cf,

Sorry to hear about the trouble there using Outfox.  Linked below we offer a guide on how to troubleshoot that error you are experiencing.

We suggest performing those steps to resolve the issue.

Should it persist, grab the log files and send em here: support@getoutfox.com

Additionally, let us know if the error only occurs when playing R6S or if you see it on other games as well.






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