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"Sorry, we don't have a timeline yet. It will likely be after our official launch out of beta. Right now we are heavily focused on improving performance for the games we already suppor..."


This was the answer given almost a year ago, and even beta testing for Outfox and trying to help get the game World of Warcraft to load with Outfox.


I am sorry but I think I'd like a refund. Figured you'd keep product development in full cycle. New features etc. But I somewhat feel lied to. No rhyme or reason why it can't be supported imho.


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Firstly, thank you for your feedback.  As I understand, you are disappointed that Outfox does not yet support World of Warcraft. I can tell you that it is not for a lack of "want" on our part, but it is impacted by a typical release schedule. 

So, what's taking so long? We have to write an entirely new connection process which is a joint project between application dev, backend dev, and operations dev. Our original scope was only to capture UDP based traffic, the most common type of traffic in games, and WoW and other MMOs still utilize TCP, so we had to architect and develop a whole new connection engine to support WoW and other MMOs.

We've been focused on it, and right now it's currently in development and we will find a way to deliver on it, it's just taking a bit longer than we might've initially anticipated.

As far as what we've delivered in the product since beta, product development is and will continue to be in full cycle. We've been releasing application and backend updates regularly, including:
-Session graph
-Real time network analytics
-Desktop Notifications
-Task Tray utilization
-UI updates
-Multi-ingress servers (Outfox servers that utilize connections from multiple tier 1 carriers)
-New games, new Outfox servers

If you have been charged and have not used the service, please open a ticket through live chat or by e-mail at support@getoutfox.com and we will be happy to assist.

Thanks and best regards,


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