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100% CPU usage by Outfox when I launch R6S


When I launch Rainbox Six: Siege, Outfox is going full berserk on my CPU, using 94-99% of it's power.

Game is totally unplayable because of it.



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Hello @xphenomen,

Sorry to hear about the trouble there with Outfox.  We'd advise restarting the service to see if this resolves the issue.

1) Close the Outfox application

2) Open Windows search or the Run prompt and type in: services.msc

3) Open the Services list and locate Outfox

4) Click to highlight Outfox in the services list and choose the option to Stop the service

5) Give it several seconds to stop, then choose the option to Start the service.

6) Launch Outfox

Should the issue persist, send the log files for Outfox to our Support department for further review.  support@getoutfox.com



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