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I don't know if anyone from outfox will read this but here is my experience so far. 

The app experience is pretty bad. What is the point of having a start at boot option when the app is going to ask for a login anyways. This is ridiculously bad from a user experience perspective. Have an option to save the username and password. It is not hard to have a login session generated and saved. Facebook does it, Google does it, Steam does it and countless more. Typing in passwords every time I boot up my system is annoying and effectively defeats the convenience of having the app start at startup.

Second is game support. Non existent and if I didn't get the license of outfox from a bundle of programs I recently got I would have never even considered trying out this service despite owning nearly all the games. Just not worth paying money for. 

Here is something I would love to see, general connection support feature. It is difficult to get friends joined together on indie games since they need to know how to configure their network ect ect. What I like about Steam and for a good handful of games all you do is right click on the player and join. Steam handles the rest for games that support it. Now outfox if you guys can do the same but in such a way that any game even LAN games would work and be secure about it, that would be something. Sure I can achieve the same with OpenVPN, but the pain of me having to explain how to set that up and run my own VPN server is painful. Sure networking is my day job and I have a deep understanding of many technologies behind it. I hate explaining basic concepts to my friends when we just want to play games. It is hard to explain anything when both myself and my friends just want to relax by beating the life out of each other in a friendly video game. Adding an easy connect between friends feature in addition to the outfox set of features would be gold in my eyes. Even better have Outfox integrate with steam so steam friends don't even have to have Outfox, just the person hosting the game server, that would be ever better. Then I could pay for the "easy service" and not deal with friends complaining about installing x or paying for y and having difficulty understanding z because that is just not their field of experience.  If that is added, I would likely renew my license once it expires. However right now in the current state, there is no appeal and the constant login request when booting the app is grinding my patience.


Out of 10 I currently give Outfox a 1 out of 10. Application and service hasn't crashed, or crashed anything in my system, but also does nothing of value for me, actually is becoming annoying so I reduced my rating from 2 to 1. I do love the name though...Then again put foxes on anything and my opinion goes up a lot. Actually it is because of fox in the name I am spending my time to give my thoughts instead of just uninstalling and tossing in the bin. 


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