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Outfox not working in game, but showing it is in app


So I just got Outfox yesterday from the Humble software deal and decided to test how well it would improve my connection today. I ran a game of PUBG and two games of Overwatch with and without Outfox. With, it made my mouse extremely hard to use (the best way I can describe is like the mouse is low fps, but the rest of the game runs just fine), and my ping didn't change at all in-game. The weirdest part of it all, though, was that Outfox was displaying improvements to my ping. For PUBG, it wasn't that much, from showing "Without Outfox" to be 100 and "With" to be 90. Oddly, my ping is between 30-50 when Outfox was closed completely. The same happened with Overwatch. Displayed in-app, "Without" said 50's, "With" said 23. My ping in-game never went below 57. My ping didn't change for Overwatch after I closed Outfox, at least not noticeably. 

I am not here to call out Outfox for something, I am here for an answer. Have I done something wrong here? Is the Outfox code from Humble some scam? I would just like some help or an explanation for my situation. Thank you.


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