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  5. ¡Hola Alcafo! Lo sentimos, tienes problemas con tu ping, ¿estás viendo esto reflejado en Outfox o en el juego? ¿Podrías proporcionarnos algunas capturas de pantalla de los informes finales de Outfox?
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  8. instale el outfox y mi ping aumento en vez de bajar esta en default sbr-servidor de brasil y asi sale en el juego rainbow six siege cuando voy a opciones-fast server estaba y me mando al servidor de atlanta y el ping subio de 150 a 850.estoy en uruguay-como configuro para bajar el ping?
  9. Really hoping this is going to be a special E3. With the Valve Index vr headset supposedly going up for pre-order in May and (rumor/leak) shipping in June, it could line up with E3. Plus Gabe Newell has been saying they've been developing 3 full VR games alongside the knuckles controllers and Index headset, maybe we'll be seeing some of those game at E3. seeing how borderlands 3 announcement was made, cant wait for all the announce trailers leaving out the 5 sec of logos at the end to just release it on twitter the next day with a epic store logo
  10. Thanks for bringing this to the attention of our forum users! I hope our support team has a resolution for you soon.
  11. Hello everyone,, Playing a. Battlefield 1, BOSD bad_pool_caller b. Rainbow Six Seige, BOSD bad_pool_caller c. PUBG ,BOSD bad_pool_caller d. Overwatch No BOSD , but can't connect to any servers , from application shown that connection improvement 12% e. Titanfall 2 (not supported) , run normally f. GR: Wildland (not supported) , run normally If I not used Outfox ,no BOSD for all. My OS Windows 10 home I already email to support team, and the response is fast and professional, no solution yet but hopefully soon.
  12. Hello, Thanks for your question. While Outfox is relatively new, the network that Outfox is built around is very robust, and has been around long before Outfox was ever thought of. Outfox is made by Golden Frog, who also makes VyprVPN, and Outfox uses the same global network that's been built and optimized over the years for VyprVPN. As for whether or not Outfox will outperform WTFast in any particular game is very difficult to say. It depends entirely on whether or not our network can provide a better route between you and a game's servers than WTFast can. The only real way to find this out is to test both Outfox and WTFast in the same game and see how they both perform. I would guess that Outfox would outperform WTFast in most cases, but I can't be completely sure. Services like Outfox and WTFast are also rather situational. Let's take a particular game for example, like PUBG. It's likely that Outfox has a better connection between your particular location and the PUBG servers than WTFast does. But it's also possible that WTFast's network is laid out in such a way that they might have a better route to PUBG. And then, at the same time, even if WTFast does outperform Outfox for PUBG in your particular area, it's entirely possible that Outfox will work better than WTFast for a other games, whose servers might be in different locations. It has a lot to do with where you're located, where the game's servers are located, and the layout of the network. The only way to really determine what will work best for you is to try it out. We can't guarantee that it'll work better than WTFast for the particular games you're playing, but we're confident that in most cases it does. We offer a 14-day free trial so new customers can try the service out before paying for it. Let me know if there is anything I can clarify or if you have any other questions!
  13. Hello, I'm often in areas with terrible routing to game servers, so I've used a similar tool named "WTFast" to get more stable/reduced latency in-game. Besides outfox being obviously superior to the awful design/marketing choices by WTFast, should we expect to outfox to outperform WTFast? I'm concerned that this kind of product relies on having a well built global infrastructure supporting it. Since outfox is currently *new*, I feel like it won't yet have this infrastructure? thanks iosman ___________________ 0xc004f074
  14. Please reach out to our support teams Smithclarkson001 so they may better assist you
  15. Pido disculpas porque no puedo encontrar la información de su cuenta en los foros, comuníquese con nuestros equipos de soporte por chat o correo electrónico
  16. Hello, Sorry for the trouble with this. Please try installing the Microsoft C++ redistributable packages from the following links: 2015 C++ Redistributable Download (install both x64 and x86) 2012 C++ Redistributable Download (install both x64 and x86) Once that's done, try opening the Outfox installation file by right-clicking it and selecting "run as administrator." If you still have trouble after trying that, then please contact our support team so we can help out -
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  18. So ive tried installing and reinstalling outfox setup but every time i try actually installing it says installation aborted
  19. Sorry to hear about the trouble you're having! If you're still experiencing this, please contact our support team here so we can help out -
  20. hola no me deja entrar a mi cuenta me sale login failed como puedo solucionarlo ??
  21. did you find the solution? i am having the exact same issue did your issue got resolved?
  22. hello i install and test outfox appliction but i cant use it
  23. What I am looking forward to most is it remaining subscription free haha-but seriously I am looking forward to new raids and missions as I really enjoy MMOs that op towards a co-op campaign like experience!
  24. Hello, So last week we learned that Destiny is finally coming to the PC, with an amazing premiere by Bungie and Activision. Unfortunately, it seems that there will be a delayed release of Destiny 2 for PC, but I would like to hear what you are excited about. Me personally, I am excited about the new Guild and guided gaming system. It has been some time since I have played an MMO that has focuses gameplay on the guild in this fashion. I hope it works wells so that many future games learn the importance of guilds. What are you looking forward too in Destiny 2? thanks iosman ___________________________________ best cordless vacuum
  25. Hello, It has been made clear since the release of PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS(PUBG) that it is time for a refresh in the FPS genre. With over 4 million copies sold in only 4 months and over taking Grand Theft Auto V as the third most played game on the Steam market place today, it is hard not to catch the attention to many Tripple-A developers and publishers. One Tripple-A publisher, in particular, has recently spoken out about the huge success that is PUGB. In a recent earnings call, the game publishing company, Ubisoft had addressed questions about PUBG, and its influence and impact on Ubisoft's current FPS titles. In an interesting response to this question, we hear remarks of the interest in the game play style and the possible inclusion future DLCs. thanks iosman
  26. PUBG LITE Should Also Be Supported
  27. Hello, Sorry for the delay in getting back to you here. Outfox will only affect Rocket League in games. It won't affect your selling of in-game items. And it doesn't affect security in any way, it only affects your game's connection when you are in an active game session. To get Outfox to work with Rocket League, all you need to do is have the Outfox app open and logged in when you start a game of Rocket League. You will need to start an actual match before Outfox will do anything with your Rocket League connection. Outfox won't do anything when you're in the game's main menu, it will only initialize when you start a game. Let us know if there is anything else we can help with.
  28. Hey @desaishrusti7, Thanks for the comparison inquiry. I hope some users of both services come forward and share their experiences, but I'll provide some insight to get the ball rolling. We sure hope that Outfox will out perform anything provided from WTFast, but to be honest, it all depends on your specific location, network conditions and of course, available routes to the game servers. Some users come to us expecting a magic bullet, but unfortunately, their connection is already pretty good and we aren't able to provide a faster connection to the game server they're playing on. Other users, however, happen to have a terrible connection either due to location or ISP and they see quite the improvement using Outfox. Basically, YMMV. In regards to the global infrastructure, we've got that handled! Our founders have been "in the business" so to speak since '94 and have well established infrastructure. I'll drop some links below with all the juicy info, plus some more articles from the blog. Our parent company and About Outfox Outfox VS the competition, Outfox VS a VPN, Intelligence inside the Connection, and Clever Routing.
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