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  3. ¡Hola Alcafo! Lo sentimos, tienes problemas con tu ping, ¿estás viendo esto reflejado en Outfox o en el juego? ¿Podrías proporcionarnos algunas capturas de pantalla de los informes finales de Outfox?
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  6. instale el outfox y mi ping aumento en vez de bajar esta en default sbr-servidor de brasil y asi sale en el juego rainbow six siege cuando voy a opciones-fast server estaba y me mando al servidor de atlanta y el ping subio de 150 a 850.estoy en uruguay-como configuro para bajar el ping?
  7. Thanks for bringing this to the attention of our forum users! I hope our support team has a resolution for you soon.
  8. Hello everyone,, Playing a. Battlefield 1, BOSD bad_pool_caller b. Rainbow Six Seige, BOSD bad_pool_caller c. PUBG ,BOSD bad_pool_caller d. Overwatch No BOSD , but can't connect to any servers , from application shown that connection improvement 12% e. Titanfall 2 (not supported) , run normally f. GR: Wildland (not supported) , run normally If I not used Outfox ,no BOSD for all. My OS Windows 10 home I already email to support team, and the response is fast and professional, no solution yet but hopefully soon.
  9. Please reach out to our support teams Smithclarkson001 so they may better assist you
  10. Pido disculpas porque no puedo encontrar la información de su cuenta en los foros, comuníquese con nuestros equipos de soporte por chat o correo electrónico
  11. Hello, Sorry for the trouble with this. Please try installing the Microsoft C++ redistributable packages from the following links: 2015 C++ Redistributable Download (install both x64 and x86) 2012 C++ Redistributable Download (install both x64 and x86) Once that's done, try opening the Outfox installation file by right-clicking it and selecting "run as administrator." If you still have trouble after trying that, then please contact our support team so we can help out -
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  13. So ive tried installing and reinstalling outfox setup but every time i try actually installing it says installation aborted
  14. Sorry to hear about the trouble you're having! If you're still experiencing this, please contact our support team here so we can help out -
  15. hola no me deja entrar a mi cuenta me sale login failed como puedo solucionarlo ??
  16. did you find the solution? i am having the exact same issue did your issue got resolved?
  17. hello i install and test outfox appliction but i cant use it
  18. PUBG LITE Should Also Be Supported
  19. Hello, Sorry for the delay in getting back to you here. Outfox will only affect Rocket League in games. It won't affect your selling of in-game items. And it doesn't affect security in any way, it only affects your game's connection when you are in an active game session. To get Outfox to work with Rocket League, all you need to do is have the Outfox app open and logged in when you start a game of Rocket League. You will need to start an actual match before Outfox will do anything with your Rocket League connection. Outfox won't do anything when you're in the game's main menu, it will only initialize when you start a game. Let us know if there is anything else we can help with.
  20. Hey @desaishrusti7, Thanks for the comparison inquiry. I hope some users of both services come forward and share their experiences, but I'll provide some insight to get the ball rolling. We sure hope that Outfox will out perform anything provided from WTFast, but to be honest, it all depends on your specific location, network conditions and of course, available routes to the game servers. Some users come to us expecting a magic bullet, but unfortunately, their connection is already pretty good and we aren't able to provide a faster connection to the game server they're playing on. Other users, however, happen to have a terrible connection either due to location or ISP and they see quite the improvement using Outfox. Basically, YMMV. In regards to the global infrastructure, we've got that handled! Our founders have been "in the business" so to speak since '94 and have well established infrastructure. I'll drop some links below with all the juicy info, plus some more articles from the blog. Our parent company and About Outfox Outfox VS the competition, Outfox VS a VPN, Intelligence inside the Connection, and Clever Routing.
  21. Hi, my Internet connection is very low, usually my ping is high and it's really frustrated for me. I download outfox and I'll try to use it but pls tell me firts how to synchronize Outfox with Rocket League? Every day I buy and sell crates, items, wheels and everything you can trade in Rocket League. I mainly buy and sell Rocket League items. Does Outfox affect the security of transactions? Will I still be able to safely sell Rocket League Crates? I'll be grateful for your help Edit: I also have a second type of question, namely the use of Outfox during trading. I know that I can synchronize Outfox to Rocket League during the game, probably also while in the menu with the other player. As I wrote, I want to use Outfox also when I sell and buy items and crates. Is it possible? So I brew tea and open my favorite book, in it I can see Wheels, Body, Rocket Boost and Crates, including I can buy Zephyr Crate, Elevation Crate, Victory Crate and many other Rocket League Crates, basically is available and ready to sell each Crate which was only created for Rocket League. The most valuable Crates are the ones that contain the most valuable Rocket League items. You can buy Rocket League items such as Titanium White Zomba and Samurai Body and Fire God and Cockroach :-)
  22. I'm often in areas with terrible routing to gameservers, so I've used a similar tool named "WTFast" to get more stable/reduced latency in-game. Besides outfox being obviously superior to the awful design/marketing choices by WTFast, should we expect outfox to outperform WTFast? I'm concerned that this kind of product relies on having a well built global infrastructure supporting it. Since outfox is currently *new*, I feel like it won't yet have this infrastructure?
  23. It would be very nice for Outfox to support Battalion 1944 since it is a new quite popular competitive game which requires good ping to have a very optimal gameplay experience!
  24. Dont waste your money on RTX a 1060 8Gb or a 1080 8GB GTX card is solid enough. You can get a High end GPU but if its low on V-Ram you pretty much wasted money on the GPU cuz you wont be able to jack the Graphics very High unless the game is like old old before that card came out. Instead of a Intel Processor get this one this is the same price of the i5-9600K but a i7 Version AMD RYZEN 7 2700X 8-Core 3.7 GHz (4.3 GHz Max Boost) Socket AM4 105W YD270XBGAFBOX Desktop Processor or if you go with Intel this would be a better choice Intel Core i5-9600K Coffee Lake 6-Core 3.7 GHz (4.6 GHz Turbo) LGA 1151 (300 Series) 95W BX80684I59600K Desktop Processor Intel UHD Graphics 630 The Problem with PC gaming you gotta get the same power GPU & CPU or you will bottleneck an that will be bad for a GPU get this i figured if your teight on cash so i went with a refurbished product. its 8GB V-Ram so you should have no problem Jacking Ultra at 1080p60 plus it has OC. Wouldnt bother with 4K cuz the human eye cant really see 4K cuz 4K picture has so many pixels GIGABYTE GeForce GTX 1080 DirectX 12 GV-N1080TTOC-8GD 8GB 256-Bit GDDR5X PCI Express 3.0 x16 SLI Support ATX Turbo OC Video Card Make sure to gimme love if i helped you
  25. You could use Teamviewer sense you have full remote connection to your PC.
  26. You know there software where you can host your own server. Outfox would prob make you pay for a private server like the rest of the providers if you got a PC with at least a i5 you can host your own for free without outfox.
  27. Hi im a Playtester for EA in Seattle an i came across outfox an dedicated to give it a try even tho my ISP is really good in my area and i wanted to suggest a feature, That us Netgear gamers would recognize. I want to suggest a Geo-Location manager is what imma call it. Its gonna give us information about the server where its located like City, State, Country like in COD games the connection is Peer to Peer. With my suggestion we can get info on it who know what type of connection we are getting that someones network its something that my Netgear Nighthawk has called DumaOS. With my Manager we can also limit the game search area in the support games that outfox adds in the present or future. We can set our Designated region to find matches anyone out of the region area we wont be able to go outside it. Like if i wanna match with people near seattle or state i can set it to "match me in games that are in my state" or "Match me in games in my Region" Like West, Mid, East, Etc. Hoipefully you guys are getting my idea. with this feature it limits people having to spend $300 on a router that i personally own.
  28. There is indeed a distinct lack of mmos. Unless they add Mabinogi to the list, or enable custom routing, I'm out.
  29. In order to uninstall Outfox from your Mac simply view all apps in finder, drag and drop the Outfox icon into your recycle bin.
  30. Thanks for the screenshot! Based on this, it appears that Outfox is functioning as designed; During the session your default ISP routing was the best/fastest so Outfox backboned to it. Outfox--nor any program cannot always provide the best routing, you can see in the report that if Outfox had been used you should have had a decrease in performance and a substantially increased ping for that server. Due to Outfox not having an optimized path to the server you may see spikes much like the 1K that you had seen but keep in mind that your session is not effected. You may see better performance with different server and Outfox may even have better routing for them and will automatically activate. If you do see the ping spike much how you have seen while the Outfox connect had been active please contact our support teams so we can take a indepth look at the issue.
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