Learn how to reduce PUBG la g

How to Reduce PUBG Lag

Easy PUBG Lag Fix

Despite being one of the most popular early-access games, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds lag and poor performance can be a problem. These issues are particularly frustrating in a game as unforgiving as PUBG, where pinpoint accuracy is the difference between "Winner Winner Chicken Dinner" and going home hungry. Fortunately, with a few tweaks to your computer, game settings and network optimization, you'll be the last one standing in this battle royale.

  1. Check your computer and game settings
  2. Check your network and connection
  3. Check out Outfox, an optimized gaming network

How to Fix PUBG Lag Spikes

Computer and Drivers

PUBG can be a CPU-intensive game, so make sure the computer you're playing on at least meets the minimum system requirements. You'll need an Intel i3, 6GB RAM and a 2GB graphics card or better. While the minimum RAM suggested is only 6GB, running with 8GB or more is ideal. You can also get a boost by making adjustments in your Advanced System Settings menu in Windows. Go to System Properties/Advanced and choose Performance/Settings. Go to Advanced again and choose Change under Virtual Memory. Uncheck automatic managing and enter a Custom Initial and Maximum Size that are both the same as the recommended size at the bottom of the window.

To get the best performance out of your graphics card, always keep your drivers up to date. You can download the latest driver update directly from AMDNvidia or Intel. Since games require so much processing power, it's a good idea to minimize the number of background applications you have running by closing unnecessary programs from the task manager. 

Game Settings

Adjusting graphics settings is also a surefire way to improve performance. Playing in Fullscreen mode with resolution that is matched to your desktop is recommended to give you the most FPS possible for your computer. In the game Graphics Quality settings, set your Anti-AliasingPost-Processing and Foliage to LowShadowsTexture and Effects can all be set to Very Low to improve performance. View Distance, however, should be set to High so that you can see enemies from as far away as possible. Finally, uncheck the option for MotionBlur to disable this effect. 

Network Performance

Network performance issues are often the cause of PUBG lag spikes. While you may not be able to optimize the game servers, you aren't entirely out of luck when it comes to a Battlegrounds lag fix. Firstly, make sure you are using an Ethernet connection rather than Wi-Fi and reduce any background bandwidth usage such as streaming, voice programs and large file downloads. You should also make sure you're playing in the region nearest you when you start a match. 


For more control over your network connections, use Outfox's Optimized Gaming Network while playing PUBG. Since the ability to see your ping isn't available in PUBG, the Outfox UI shows your ping and helps you achieve better performance. Choose the Fastest Server setting to make sure you're always using the best connection available. Outfox works by routing your game traffic through our fast, global network and bypassing normally unavoidable network congestion and poor routing decisions by your ISP. 

Performance-focused game settings and optimized networking will give you the edge over the competition. Don't let low FPS and high ping rob you of that chicken dinner!