Outfox Beta Updates

Outfox Roadmap

We are currently working on these features:

Support for TCP Connections
Currently, we only support games with UDP-based connections for online gameplay. We're working on TCP support for both the client and our servers so that we can expand our game roster for games like Hearthstone, World of Warcraft, Minecraft, and a whole bunch of MMOs.

Graph to Display Performance
We want to show you - in real-time - how your normal connection stacks up against our optimized connection to better demonstrate how Outfox is performing for you. All wrapped up in a nice looking graph, of course.

Better RNG for Overwatch Lootboxes
Just kidding, good luck with that. 

Coming Soon!
And these items are coming up on our product roadmap:

• Custom Game Support
• Historical Sessions
• Notifications
• Profile Badges
• In-Game Overlay
• Task-Tray functionality and start-up with Windows

Outfox Known Issues

In addition to our primary goal of continuing to improve the performance and stability of Outfox's servers, we're aware of a few application issues. We're investigating the following at this time:
1. Unable to log in (stuck at "logging in" screen)
2. Issues with the UI connecting to the Outfox background process ("connection with service" errors)