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Inside the Connection - Introducing Outfox

 Introducing Outfox

Top 5 Overwatch Winter Wonderland Items for 2017

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By: Leala Ulrich, Community Manager The re-vamped Winter Wonderland 2017 holiday event has come to Overwatch, and with it lots of shiny new goodies to collect. I started playing Overwatch at the beginning of this year, so I have a few of the items from last year's eve...
 Overwatch Winter Wonderland

Outfox December Tournament - By the Numbers

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As we previously shared on the blog, Outfox hosts monthly tournaments to give our community an outlet to compete for prizes and glory. All the while, we're helping our DevOps team continue to optimize Outfox to provide the fastest, most stable connections for League of ...
 Outfox Tournaments

Designing Outfox

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By: Chris Brennand, Outfox Design DirectorWhen we set out to design a new optimized gaming network a year and a half ago, we knew it had to do a few things:Improve Performance: No vaporware, real and measurable performance improvementsDo No Harm: Seamlessly impr...
 Outfox logo over photos of the design process

What Is Net Neutrality and How Does it Impact Gaming?

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By: Katie Fishman, Outfox Marketing Manager I'm sure you've heard the phrase "net neutrality" by now. It's been dominating the news, as the anticipated date the FCC will repeal the guidelines, December 14, approaches. The conversation has been going on for quite some ...
 Net Neutrality

Meet the Team - Dwayne, Outfox Developer

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At Outfox, transparency and community engagement are core to our values as a company. With that in mind, we'd like to introduce you to some of the hardworking members of the Outfox team. These are the folks behind the scenes here every day making sure that we are provid...
 Meet the Team - Dwayne

How Outfox Beats PUBG Lag

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Since its release into early access in March 2017, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds soared to the top of the charts as one of the most popular games out today. The game sold millions of copies while still in early access on Steam and beat the record for concurrent players ...
 Outfox PUBG

Outfox Game Support - Next Level Games

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By: Keegan Landolt, Outfox Product Manager Outfox is built with a focus on the current trends in the gaming industry. We aim to support a wide range of up-to-date popular games in an easy-to-use fashion, so you don't ever have to worry about missing out on the benefit...
 Outfox Game Support

Overwatch League - What to Watch in Season 1

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By: Leala Ulrich, Community Manager The inaugural season of Overwatch League (OWL) begins next year, with the first pre-season matches taking place in December. After following the Overwatch World Cup closely this year, I am incredibly excited to see the pros play in ...
 Overwatch League

Outfox Tournaments - A Win-Win Situation

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If you're an Outfox fan who plays League of Legends, you may already be familiar with our tournaments. In fact, you may have even competed in one for a chance at glory and cash prizes. Hosting League of Legends tournaments started back when Outfox was still in beta. In ...
 Outfox Tournaments

Black Friday 2017 - Outfox's Top Picks

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By: Jordan Saucedo, Affiliate Manager With Black Friday quickly approaching, savvy gamers are on the hunt for this year's best deals. This weekend is the perfect opportunity to take the plunge and upgrade hardware, accessories, or even add a few new Outfox titles to y...
 Black Friday 2017

Outfox Feature Highlight - Game Sessions

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All games are different, which means they all act a bit differently in relation to Outfox. A common question we receive from new users is, "Why isn't Outfox connected?" Often times, the answer is directly related to the specific game they are playing. To better understa...
 Game Sessions

Meet the Team - Nick, Customer Support Manager

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At Outfox, transparency and community engagement are core to our values as a company. With that in mind, we'd like to introduce you to some of the hard working members of the Outfox team. These are the folks behind the scenes here every day making sure that we are provi...
 Meet the Team - Nick

PC or Xbox One X, Who Wins at 4K Gaming?

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By Cody Myhre, Software Engineer in Test The PC has reigned as the supreme leader of the 4K gaming experience since the release of the GTX 1080 and 1080TI from Nvidia. However, with the recent release of the Xbox One X, you can now get a full 4K gaming experience for ...
 PC vs. Xbox One X

Meet the Team - Ben, Software Engineer

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At Outfox, transparency and community engagement are core to our values as a company. It's also important for us to help our users understand how Outfox works to improve gamer's connections and that it really isn't all just smoke and mirrors. With that in mind, we'd lik...
 Meet the Outfox Team

What's My Ping Again? Outfox Ping Vs. In-Game Ping

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By: Keegan Landolt, Outfox Product Manager Here at Outfox HQ, it's not uncommon for us to field questions about "ping" because, well, that's what we're all about (along with other measures of network performance, of course). In our previous post, we wanted to describe...
 What is Ping

Outfox Raises Over $4,000 for Extra Life

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The Outfox team was excited to join the Extra Life 24-hour gaming marathon for the first time this year. Every year, Extra Life raises millions of dollars to help sick kids through Children's Miracle Network hospitals and this year is no exception, with over $7,300,370 ...
 Outfox for Extra Life

Best of BlizzCon 2017 News

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By: Andrew Harmon, UI and Marketing Designer BlizzCon 2017 has come and gone and, as usual, there’s a ton of exciting news to sift through. This year’s event was filled with the usual expansion announcements and game updates, but also contained some genuine surprises....
 Blizzcon 2017 News

Outfox > WTFast and Haste - How We Outfox the Competition

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When you load up your favorite competitive game, your goal is to rack up those scores, climb the ladder and outfox the competition. We know the feeling, because that's exactly what we set out to do when creating Outfox! Some of the other gaming optimization products on ...
 How we outfox the competition!

Top 5 Scary PC Games of 2017

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By: Cody Myhre, Software Engineer in Test  With Halloween right around the corner, many of us here at Outfox love to fire up a scary game to get in the spirit. Lots of new horror games released this year, so I've made a list of picks for the best scares for your dolla...
 Top Scary PC Games

Outfox Does TwitchCon 2017

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By: Jordan Saucedo, Affiliate Associate Over 50,000 gamers came together at the Long Beach Convention Center this year to celebrate Twitch and the Twitch Community. With TwitchCon moving locations for a third time, the keynote started with promises of being the best a...
 Outfox goes to TwitchCon 2017

Play Games, Heal Kids - Join Outfox for Extra Life

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Since the Outfox team came together this year, we've been looking for ways to get involved and give back to the gaming community at large. Games are great, but the people who play them are what really make them fun. We are excited to announce the Outfox team signed up t...
 Outfox for Extra Life

Ask Outfox - Highlights from our reddit AMA

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Outfox recently held our first reddit AMA, hosted by our Co-CTOs Michael Douglass and Philip Molter. Transparency and open dialogue with our community are key to our core principals at Outfox, and we were excited for the opportunity to take your questions on reddit. F...
 Ask Outfox

Inside the Internet - What is Ping?

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You've probably seen that little number at the top (or bottom) of your game screen that displays your ping. Most gamers know that a lower number is better, but what does ping actually represent? Ping Is A Measurement, Sort OfIn the strictest sense, pin...
 What is Ping?

Outfox vs. VPN - What's the Difference?

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As a provider who has been offering a VPN service for years and has just introduced an optimized gaming network, we've been getting some great questions about the difference between the two products. Below we take a look at the differences (and similarities) between VPN...
 Outfox vs. VPN - What's the Difference?

Inside the Connection - Transparency

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By: Philip Molter, Co-CTO -- We pride ourselves on being outright, honest and straightforward about everything we do. From how our product works, to who we are, to what we are doing we are straightforward - making us a brand you can trust (don't take our word for it, ju...
 Outfox Transparency

Inside the Connection - Engagement

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By: Liz Kintzele, VP of Sales and Director of Marketing -- We work hard to connect with our users, conducting outreach to ensure we are listening to users and offering the best service possible. By communicating from all angles, from soliciting product feedback to fun i...
 Outfox Engagement

Inside the Connection - Intelligence

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By: Chris Marsh, Director of Operations -- Our network technology allows us to offer an exceptional solution, as we outsmart the competition to offer the best product possible. We take a look into our back-end network and the technology that drives Outfox and is one of ...
 Outfox Intelligence

Inside the Connection - Empowerment

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By: Michael Douglass, Co-CTO of Golden Frog -- Our network offers users the ability to control their outcome online, empowering them to acheive the internet experience they want. Offering control and choice is one of the reasons we created Outfox and a core pillar - Emp...
 Outfox Empowerment