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 Outfox 1.3

Outfox 1.3: Updated UI, Session Report, And More

By: Keegan Landolt, Outfox Product Manager 

For this release, we wanted to give users the tools to get into Outfox easier and faster, while providing more information about Outfox's impact on your gaming connections. We focused on addressing some interface issues while making Outfox easier to use with some additional functionality. Here, we will highlight what we added or addressed in the Outfox 1.3 update.

Session Report


Since the earliest releases, we always embraced the idea of showing you the performance of your standard connection in comparison to the Outfox connection in real-time. In this update, we added a Session Report screen to emphasize the comparison between Outfox and standard connections even more vividly. The Session Report lets you know:

  • The game played and duration of the session
  • How Outfox performed for your gaming session
  • How your standard connection performed for your gaming session
  • If Outfox was used or not

In the past, we felt the "last session played" screen could cause confusion for users wanting to get into the next session. From the Session Report screen, you can jump right into your next gaming session, or dismiss the report to go back to Outfox's start screen.

Task Tray + Start With Windows


Whether it's from forgetting to start up Outfox or wanting to eliminate some clutter from your desktop, we wanted to make it easier than ever to get the best gaming sessions you can with Outfox. In this update, we added the ability to run Outfox from the Windows Task Tray, reinforced by the addition of desktop notifications for Session Start and Session Stop. Users can see what Outfox is doing to their connection without having to bounce between the game window and the Outfox window. We also added Automatic Startup functionality that allows Outfox to automatically run when Windows is started, so that you don't have to worry about making sure Outfox is ready to go before you jump into a gaming session. We don't want to be too clingy, though. Both Notifications and Automatic Startup can be enabled and disabled from the Outfox Settings menu.

What's Next

We also want to get a little more social, so we added a button to launch our Discord directly from the app - you can find it in the top bar. Also in this release, we addressed some stability issues and resolved common crash issues, and cleaned up some other areas of the UI for a better Outfox experience overall.

Try it today and let us know what you think in the forums or on Discord!