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 Fastest Server

What is the Fastest Server in Your Region?

Are you using Fastest Server each time you connect with Outfox? We've talked about the feature before, and encourage all users to implement Fastest Server to eliminate the guesswork and achieve the fastest performance from any location, while playing any of our supported games. But how does Fastest Server selection vary depending on where a user lives? What servers are our best performing right now? We dug into our data from the past 3 months to find out! The table below shows the server most often selected from each continent around the globe over the past few months. Take a look to see what server performs best for you!


PS: Have you heard about Outfox's Clever Routing feature? Some of the results above (those with asterisks) are Clever Routing sites, meaning we offer more than one route option per site! A unique number of asterisks indicates the site is a Clever Routing instance (for example, a site name without an asterisks is a different route than a site name with an asterisks), further illustrating the value of the feature and the additional improvements it offers.

Stay tuned for more data-driven posts about how Outfox works to improve your connection for your region and the games you play!