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 Starting February 7th, we'll stream on our Outfox ​Twitch channel​​ every Wednesday at 3:00 pm CT!

We're Back! 2018 Twitch Updates

We're back! The Outfox team has been itching to get back on Twitch, stream our favorite games and talk about the latest in gaming! A lot has happened since our last stream, so we're excited to kick off the year with an update on our latest features, server locations and newly-supported games. 

Tuning In

Starting February 7th, we'll stream on our Outfox Twitch channel every Wednesday at 3:00 pm CT! Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook to keep track of our weekly streaming and our special events including upcoming tournaments where you can take home chicken dinners, bragging rights and cash prizes! 

2017 Highlights

2018 is bound to be as epic as 2017. Scrolling down memory lane and looking through our Twitch videos reminds us of some of our favorite streams. From playing our first supported games to our Extra Life gaming marathon, 2017 was our year of 'firsts' at Outfox.

  • Weekly Streams - We hosted streams most weeks in 2017, playing our favorite games and showing off the best features Outfox has to offer. Keegan and Cody streamed PUBG back in May, Bobby and Roger streamed League of Legends in July, and our entire Outfox team got together and hosted an awesome Q&A in October. This year, we'll be introducing new streamers, new games and rolling out new features, so check back often for updates! 
  • Tournaments - We hosted our very first Outfox community tournament with one of our favorite games, League of Legends, last year. Four teams consisted of 5 players each with the Orange Team taking the first place win. Over the course of the year, we grew our tournaments with attendance reaching up to 100 teams at one event, and the winner taking home $375! 
  • Extra Life Marathon - Back in November, we were excited to join Extra Life to raise money for the Children's Miracle Network. Outfox hosted a 24-hour gaming marathon and contributed close to $5,000 to the overall donation of over $7M! We hope to continue this mission and partner with Extra Life for another marathon, keep an eye out for that information later in the year. 

Looking back, it's amazing to see how much Outfox has grown. Join us for our weekly streams every Wednesday, and let us know how we're doing and what you'd like to see in the comment section! Also don't forget to subscribe to our Twitch Channel for more info, sign up for our upcoming tournaments at BattleFly, and of course - try Outfox risk-free and experience the ultimate optimized gaming network for yourself!