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The Results Are In! Outfox Rocket League Tournament - By the Numbers

Outfox teamed up with Infinium and Smash.GG this month to host our first ever Rocket League Tournament, complete with witty commentary. With all the fun we had with our community during those four hours, this tournament certainly won’t be our last. Thirty-two teams participated in the best-of-three single-elimination bracket challenge, but only one team could claim Rocket League glory.

During the first round of semi-finals, Sway Black put up an aggressive fight against Predictable, but they couldn’t overcome the tenacity Predictable displayed, and Predictable pulled ahead with two wins and zero losses, sealing themselves a place in the finals. United As 1 and Mirage Ghost saw one another into overtime during their second semi-final match, making brick walls of their respective defenses. Those obstacles prompted United As 1 to live up to their namesake as they blasted through the stone and mortar of their adversaries, won their second victory, and rocketed on to the finals as well.

When Predictable and United As 1 faced off, their teams went the distance in a tug-of-war for the field which pushed the best-of-five final all the way to the fifth round. Predictable won the first round before United As 1 rallied for two consecutive victories in a bid to make a quick end of their foes. Not to be outdone, Predictable redoubled their efforts to claim round four, then installed themselves as reigning champions with a 6-2 win in the last match.

Winning team Predictable, including players Swoops, e0N, and GoodJobKev, took home the trophy, but players for both finalist teams earned a collective $375 in Steam gift cards. Of the games played, Smash.GG recorded twenty upsets and twenty shutouts—a shutout being defined as a game won by a single player.

As always, the friendly competition we foster in these events helps our team test the Outfox services. Tournaments provide much insight into how we help various gamers from around the world improve, and allow us to identify areas to expand and enhance our network. We’re sharing the results of that test below!

Congratulations to the Rocket League champions! We appreciate the Outfox community for joining in on the tournament fun, so join the discussion and get informed about upcoming Outfox tournament events from our Forum and on Twitch, where we live stream every Wednesday at 3pm CST.